Video of 2 Chicks 1 Dick with Lynn and Barbara

Hardcore Threesome Lynn and Barbara
Lynn and Barbara are two Euro cuties with incredible bodies and an appetite for sex. They both went out for a night of fun but never got any action. So, they came back to their apartment and wanted to fuck. They heard their roommate had a big dick and wanted to find out if it were true. Well, Lynn and Barbara were happily surprise when they discovered their roommate was hung like a horse. They were so excited that they just wanted to feel what a big dick feels like in their mouth and pussy. Lynn and Barbara got themselves naked and started to suck on their roommates large cock. After rotating from getting their pussies eaten out and them sucking on big dick, they climbed on top for some hardcore fucking. They both were flipped around like pancakes and fucked in many positions until their roommate spewed her gooey cum all over their faces. Highly recommend jerking material.
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